you can't see my pants, can you?


This waitress in Andorra was serving while I was taking a break from snowboarding. Finally managed to snap out of my trance and get the camera out! Believe me this wasn't the best view, she was beautiful!


Don't lose too much weight or your trousers will slip! Sitting down's a no-no if I'm around!


These are great. She was just sitting in a pub having a drink. She never knew I was there!


Never bend down in my house! Black G girl was ordering a kebab on a Saturday night!


Can't believe I couldn't see these! Two mates pose so I can take the white pants!


If the first picture isn't good enough, get CLOSER! They should really cut the labels out though!


Gatwick Airport is a wonderful place. Black G's where a pair, but couldn't get them both in! Shame!


Asked this girl later for a picture, she wouldn't, but I'd got here earlier in the night!


Town Centres! Black G's sitting in the window of a laundrettes I was passing!


Never fall asleep while I'm around! Another car show, more pants!


This was taken by one of the sites fans on his mobile camera! The picture on the right is some poor girl sitting on a train!


You're not even safe having a nap in Central Park, New York, if you leave your pants on display!


This was taken at a diner in Hatfield. Mate posing for a picture hides what the pictures is actually of.
Not a great shot considering the pre put in :-( But nice red pants!

This one's from www.phonebin.com. A website to show off you're mobile phone camera skills! This girl's really bending over!


Sitting down working on a computer can give a girl alsorts of problems! Bending over anywhere near me is a mistake!


Sitting down at the train station is ok, if what's behind you isn't glass and me!

Sitting down in a club is difficult if you're wearing a short skirt!


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