Proud Pants
They know, we look!


Although England didn't do us proud in Portugal 2004, the girls made up for it!


No G's, but frilly french knickers are still worth seeing!


Met these girls while I was lost walking home on a freezing night. Still happy to show there wears!


Cutting your jeans off to show your pants. Now that's Proud Pants!


These Hertford girls were happy to show there fancy pants after a night on the town!


Tatoo and red lacie panties. What a combination


Friends showing theirs together on a Saturday night! BBQ are never the same now!


Cars shows are great for girls and pants! They know they have competition from cars, so they're trying!


Couldn't see these, so she needed to show she had some on!
This Lotus owners seems to have it all!


Now this is a great shot, but I'm sure this dress wasn't designed to be worn with underwear!
'Show us your nuts!' Think she's definately on the right page!

Flair on a g-string

An unknown woman wants to make the g-string even sexier – and she's won £5,000 to make it happen.

She is the winner of 'Who wants to be Self-Employed' plans to sell 'Beaded G', g-strings decorated with jewels such as the one she is modelling here.

'I am used to wearing low-cut jeans and trousers which left my g-string showing,' she says. 'So I thought that instead of being something you try to hide away why not turn it into a fashion accessory.'

One big fashion chain has already shown interest in selling her products.


This picture had Sam and Lapdance in the title! Not sure where it's from! But think she'd be proud of this!

From one extreme to the other! This shots from Not all pants should be seen!

Not sure on this one, proud or unaware!


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