Even they can't resist it!

Here's some Celebs who can't help getting noticed using the 'Sexy Pants are showing' ploy. There's a few below to guess, as I'm sure you'll enjoy studying the pictures to get a few clues to how these shameless Celebs are.

With the page becoming popular, from June 2010 I'll be adding the newest pics (to the site) below.


Lady Ga Ga well we've seen pretty much everything from this lady!


Michelle Keegan helps us enjoy the advantages of flash photography


Alesha Dixion having trouble on stage!

LooseWomen Carol McGiffin and Denise Welch have very differing style when it goes to show and wearing!



PussyCat Doll Nicole Secherzinger dress lining or black underwear, whichever we can see it!


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace of Big Brother 7 fame does her best to keep in the spotlight, just how we like it.

Shameless they may be, but we just love them!


Britney continues her fall from sweet teen to pant showing, smoking hussy!
Lady Isabella Hervey committing a severe accessory blunder!
Miss Universe 'Jenifer Hawkins' loses her skirt on the catwalk in Sydney!
Sophie Anderson's our type of girl. Showing her 'bling' g-string off!


Nardine from Girls Aloud getting caught out by a cameraman, at least that's what she'll say.
Sadie Frost goes for the Full Frontal pants exposure!
Britney on stage showing some little purple numbers!
This black pants belong to none other than Keria Knightly

Courtney Love lets it all hang out for our pleasure!

Jodie Marsh should really be our spokes person! We lets the string show on Celeb Big Brother 2006

Alicia Silverstone trying the tricky car exit!

Beyonce must know the camera man are flashing her below, if you know what I mean!


Emma from Big Brother 5 has car exit trouble: So does Kate Lawler and Orlaith McAllister

Black Eyed Peas, Fergie shows use a little bit more!


Isabella Hervery has trouble as does older sister Lady Victoria Hervey

Jade Jaggar has the normal celeb problem of getting out of a car, while ex-mum Jerry Hall lets it all show on the couch! Then she's used to getting them out after appearing nude in the West End.


Girls Aloud's Kimberley and Nadine join in on the 'i can see your pants' dance!


Rod Stewarts daughter Kimberley joins the fun with hers on the slide!
Kristen Dunst doesn't see the photographer under the table opposite! Reminds us of our school days!


Paris Hilton trys in vain to make it look natural to show your pants!

Girl in the park error made by TV Star Samantha Janus!


Hollywood starts show us a bit. Thandie Newton on the red carpet
and Sienna Miller struggling like so many others, getting out of the car!

Guess the Celeb!

Here's what you do, check the pants, have guess, then scroll down to see if you got it right!

Liz Hurley starts us off with a nice black number!


Guess with Pop Celeb the little pink numbers belong to and who goes for the cheese grater!


Who's Juicy and who's the Darkness fan?


Hollywood's new star let's them hang out, wonder what Arthur would say? Meanwhile the Irish girl is just too Aloud!


Normally seen on an LA beach in a red costume, at least she's got a red thong on! As if an Oscar isn't going to get you enough attention, she still goes for a Monster see-through dress!


Shouldn't be too difficult to guess who red G's hanging with Justin (roll mouse over to find out)

As for the other girl with the black g-string, she's now famous for this look!

This regular skin flasher was once Lara Croft! We still don't know why! She looks nothing like the gaming hero!


Our girls at it again, we need to get her an 'i can see your pants.com' T-shirt.

This next lot we don't have the pictures to put to the faces, so you'll have to trust with the list of names below!

Ex-Soap Star

1. She's long left the street, but still crops up on ITV every now and again!

Three Pop Princesses


2. Pop soul star: 3. Voice an *****: 4. This kitten has some car trouble.

US TV Star & to famous EX's


5. Investigating alien with your pants showing?: 6. Rod & Robbie's Ex : 7. Beckham got in these, and it's not the wife!

Two Ex-Pop Stars & One 'just about' Pop Star


8. Ex-Eternal singer has car trouble : 9. This pop stars always showing her X! :
10. Not so Saintly sitting in the Park for this Ex-pop Star!

Big Brother/Famous Ex/Big US Pop Star


11. She lost her pants in Big Brother! :12. Oasis Ex-wife, seen hers before : 13. US Pop Stars 'Pretty in Pink'.

Three Little Rich Girls


14. She doesn't pay for her hotel rooms!
15. IT-Girl who's a little less famous than 16. IT-Girl who needs a drug test before working!



Yes, the one and only Britney Spears and Liberty X's Michelle Heaton.


Keria Knightly leaving a gym, Pamerla Anderson relaxing and Charlize Theron looking for attention!

Juicy is little miss Tara Parmer-Tomkinson, and the darkness fan is Jordon's best friend Jodie Marsh.


Of course it's Cameron Diaz's little red number, lucky Justin!

Not sure if this guys as lucky! It's Jodie Marsh! Plus a close up of that classic look!

Neil McAndrews: Lara Croft non-looky-likely!

Jordan keeps Peter in the shade! Thank god!

Answers from Above:

1. Angela Griffin
2. Beverley Knight
3. Charlotte Church
4. Liz McClarnon
5. Gillian Anderson
6. Rachel Hunter
7. Rebecca Loos
8. Louise Redknapp
9. Michelle Heaton
10. Nicole Appleton
11. Jade Goody
12. Meg Mathews
13. Pink
14. Nicky Hilton
15. Tamara Beckwith
16. Tara Palmer Thompkinson


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