You know over the last few years. Women's underwear has gone all G-strings. Trousers have gone loose or low on the hips. These two things together have produced the scenes above in pubs and street all around Great Britain.

Now I like women! I like women in sexy underwear! Now it seems any place, anywhere you can see women in sexy underwear. Not the whole thing! But just enough to get you going and making you look just that little bit too long.

Some know their pants will be visible during the day and probably like the fact that we will be looking at them (see PROUD PANTS menu). Some like to wear nice pants and don't realise that at certain times they will be on show to the general public (see UNAWARE PANTS). And not to be missing out, even the CELEBS are getting in on the act. Unluckily I'm not moving in the circles were I can get the pics myself, so I'm left to cutting out snaps from the National newspapers and glossy gossip mags!

During the summer of 2003 I was confronted by this sight almost everyday! That's when I thought up It's taken a while to make this site a reality due to actually collecting the pictures. Most cameras where too large to carry around all the time and would be too conspicuous.

While reading STUFF magazine I saw the new KONICA Revio C2. This camera was perfect. Small enough to carry everywhere, had a zoom, flash and a LCD to make sure the all important pants had been caught.

After buying this camera just for this website, I went hunting for the first victims for Strangely all the pants had disappeared. I saw plenty before I walked into the camera shop and none when I walked out.

Things soon got back to normal and I started to get a few pictures. Nearly got into trouble a few times! So now I've got enough pictures for the site to be launched. I'm still taken them when I find them and will a new Sony T610 mobile phone with a build-in camera (though it's not that gooda picture) more will be added to build up the site.

So if you see any pants and have a camera, or have a girlfriend that wants to show off her 'string' or you can get her went she's not looking. Use the @ sign at the top of the page and email them to me. 'Share the Stings'



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